Why Russian girls?

Russian women are famous for their tender attachment to their children and family. They are not influenced by feminism and let their husbands care about them. They frequently work and keep house at the same time, or just do household jobs if their husband wants them home. They appear to be wise and provident mothers.

Russian girls are famous for their skill to look after themselves, to dress and to make up even despite their small wages. Western men say that an average Russian girl looks like a fashion model according to their Western criteria of beauty.

A lot of men register at the dating sites that provide communication with Russian brides because they had a chance to know some families where the wife was Russian. They have seen how gently and carefully partners respect each other in such a couple. This inspires them to seek for a Russian wife.

How to prove the reliability of the questionnaires?

Girls register at our dating site, as well as at many other dating sites, online and on their own. In this case no one who can guarantee the reliability of the information given and authenticity of the photos, for this reason you should rely only on your own feelings and intuition. But there is another possibility. We have not only a virtual site, but also an office in the center of St.Petersburg. The questionnaires of the girls who have come to our office personally and who showed us their documents are marked with a special sign "verified". We can guarantee you the reliability of these questionnaires.

Get acquainted easily and comfortably

There are a lot of possibilities on our site, which help you to begin a dialogue. These are "winks", post cards, "surprises" and ice-breaker phrases. The embedded interpreter will help you to overcome language problems, and a special program will assist you in the issue of correspondence without visiting our site.

The scientific compatibility analysis

Choosing your second half you can rely not only on the photos and questionnaires, but also on the results of the professional psychological test PI. The PI program estimates couple's compatibility by 25 parameters. After you answer the questions of the test during the registration, you will find the results of express-estimation placed near the photo of every girl you see and get precise and detailed scientific prognosis of your further relations.

Personal service

If you want to get quick and safe result, use the services of personal advisor! The experienced professional will help you to choose a girl who corresponds to your demands and wishes and who is the most compatible person with you. The advisor will introduce you to each other in the most favourable light and will help you to create good relations with a girl.

Psychological service

On this site you can read the articles and pieces of advice of a professional psychologist. You can ask him a question and read his answers to the questions of other clients.

There are also many articles that will help you to understand Russian women better.

Matchmaking Service

We can help you to check a Russian girl's identity, arrange meetings if you are coming to St.Petersburg, help you with advice on your photos and communication and help you to find the woman according to your criteria.

Online Translator

Don't you know Russian while the Russian girls you like do not know any other foreign language? That is no problem, because for that matter you can use our online translator. You can write your messages in English and your Russian bride can do it in Russian. You will easily translate your correspondence into suitable language with a help of our online translator. The main point is to avoid grammar mistakes since the words misspelt cannot be translated.

Activity search

The search principle that we use here differs from those the most dating sites use. We do not sort our users according to their date of registration, since then the girls who have registered recently get more letters from the men than the girls who have been at the site for a month or even longer. We sort our clients, both men and women, according to their activity at the site. Our search system first of all shows you the clients who are online at the moment, then those who have been at the site several hours ago, then those who visited the site the previous day or earlier and so on and so forth. This principle helps our clients to see those Russian girls and men who are active in their search for a partner. Also you should not forget about the fact that there are a lot of girls who do not visit the site because they just wait for notifications about new letters in their mailbox. After a couple of months they can even delete their profiles since they have not received any messages from the men. However, if you write to them in time they will gladly send you a reply. Men have slightly different search priority than the women. First there are those who are gold members in the course of their last visit at the site, then there are those silver, then there are standard clients.

Photo competition

Add your pictures (and preferably the best ones!) to the photo contest. The girls who like them will not only rate them high but also write their messages to you. Moreover, you will get a notification about the girls who estimated your photo at maximum points.

If you have an extremely beautiful photo, it will be at the first pages of our Russian dating sites and a lot of girls will get interested in you

Girls' recent Top-100

Girls' Top-100 for the previous month

Men's recent Top-100

Men's Top-100 for the previous month

Banning users

What if you do not like to hold correspondence with a particular girl but she showers on you with her messages? That's no problem also! Every client has an opportunity to ban a user or complain about him or her if there is need to check his or her identity.

Both men and women have equal rights here. All your complaints are regarded seriously.

Photo albums

You can upload three photos to be shown on your profile page. Other photos you upload will be added to your common photo album by default. You can also create several photo albums naming them as you please ("me on vacation", for example) and upload there different photos.

All photos have to be approved by our manager that is why they show up in your profile after a couple of hours. This rule was passed to preserve you and our girls from offensive photos.


Do you need to inform all the girls you are holding correspondence with that you are going to be left on vacation? You can write a single message about that and save it as a template. The template can be sent to the rest of the girls changing some details if needed. It is fast and easy!

You can also make a template for your first letter, although you should be very careful about it. Some details can be included in the template itself and sent to every girl without any change; however, your first letter should be rather personal to interest Russian girls. It should contain information about why it was her questionnaire that grasped your attention and what in particular you liked about her photos. Standard template letter can be noticed easily and there is a chance the girl would not like to answer a template.

Hide away

If you are going to leave on vacation or have already set some close relations with somebody and do not want other girls to write to you, you can make your profile hidden. It will be displayed only for those to whom you write while others will never see it! You can always restore your questionnaire if needed. You can do it yourself (you log in, then go to the settings and change your status to "shown") or just ask us to do it for you.

Detailed compatibility report

Our site provides you with not only an express compatibility analysis but also a detailed compatibility report. You can find out what your relations are going to be like, what problems you should expect and how you should solve them. Use our express analysis when you need some help to decide whether it is worth starting communication with a girl you like. Our detailed compatibility report will help you later when you are on the next stage of your relations and want to know how to avoid mistakes.

Delete your profile

Are you afraid that you will have problems with deleting your profile like it has been before with some unprincipled agencies? It is not advantageous for us! We do not sell our clients' emails, neither men's nor women's; you just use our site to hold correspondence with somebody you like. You change all the settings in your profile on your own. You can make it so that you won't get winks, post-cards and ice-breakers if you want to refuse them and get only messages. You can refuse notifications about new messages in your personal mailbox, or, vice versa, demand for a notification.

You are welcome to our site. We have done a big job, so that it would be easy, interesting and comfortable for you to get acquainted and communicate through our site.
Four types of Russian girls, that you can meet on the dating sites:

The first type — "The Pure Ingenuousness"

Girls like this usually put in their questionnaires some unprofessional photos of low quality. You can hardly scrutinize their faces in these pictures, although they help you to observe the girl's life and surroundings represented with a nice sense of humour. They miss the biggest part of the formal columns but write something funny and deeply personal in the long answers. Suchlike girls look for close and warm relations. They are sensitive, natural and do not demand much of a man. To the positive aspects of marriage with such a girl one can refer her warm attachment to the man she loves. She doesn't aim to demonstrate her advantages and influence and is able to admire sincerely. Such a girl makes the person beside her feel a real man. To the negative aspects of the girls of this type we can refer their high demand in communication. Usually they don't exhaust themselves with thorough learning of foreign languages and being abroad they start to miss contacts with people. That can make them depressed and capricious and provokes them to lay some ungrounded claims.

The second type — "Effect and Ambitions"

The photos of the girls like this remind of the covers of fashion magazines. They do not grudge their time and money for the stylists and photographers in their desire to show their success, making photos in expensive clothes or near prestigious cars. They describe all their merits in the questionnaires and demand much. As a rule, girls of this type have achieved something in their life and for this reason their partner is expected to be an active and successful man. To the positive aspects of marriage with such a girl we can refer her spectacular look and ability to show off in a favorable light. Such a girl is a brilliant companion to go out. Moreover, girls like that are very active. They are capable of being not only mothers and wives, but also essential allies in your business. To the negative aspects we should refer their ambitions and careerism. They will not stay home and will rather try to find some sphere of activity to show you their importance and influence. If your affairs by chance fall into decay for some period, they will easily abandon you to take a more successful partner.

The third type — "Stability and Reliability"

Photos of the girls like this remind of identification paper headshots. Eventhough there was a professional who worked with them, they all the same look constrained. They conscientiously fill in all the columns of their questionnaires, while their "long answers" are marked with trite expressions. Suchlike girls look for stabile and safe relations. As a rule, their demands are not very high. But, in their desire to feel safe, they are very cautious and choose their second half rather slowly. To the positive aspects of these girls we can refer their stability and rationality. They make thrifty and faithful wives and good mothers. They are capable of surviving through hard times and won't abandon you if your affairs are going wrong. To the negative aspects we should refer their low flexibility and weak capability for adaptation. They are very attached to their parents and friends, usual life and work. It takes them really long to decide to move abroad and to get used to the new surrounding.

The fourth type &mdash "Artistry and Creation"

Girls of this type prefer to have photographs taken against flowery or landscape background. They look very extraordinary and try to be distinguished. They like to attract people's attention. Their photos are often worked up with the help of computer graphic. They ignore the major part of the formal questions, but write some romantic or philosophical phrases in the long answers. Suchlike girls look for attention and admiration. They approach every question, including the issues of family and personal image, in a creative and non-typical way. To the positive qualities of these girls we can refer flexibility of mind and high capability to adapt to the new life conditions. Moreover, they tend to get approval and appreciation, thus they constantly think how to make their husband surprised and delighted. To their negative aspects we can refer their permanent need for attention and appreciation. They like to demonstrate their beauty flirting and coquetting with other men, and if you know what jealousy is, it will be rather hard for you to live with such a girl.

What to start with

Have you come to the site to find a Russian or Ukranian bride? Do Slavic girls attract you?

I will be happy to help you:

Register at the site and pay special attention to your pictures. Many men think that women do not pay attention to the pictures - WRONG! They do. When you are already associating with a person, pictures pale into insignificance. But in the beginning they are important.

Ukraine and Russia are the countries of traditional view on the roles of men and women. Most of the information about you is written in your profile. That's why your letters can be rather short. They may be quite standard: i.g. I like you, do you like my profile etc... Otherwise, you can think of something more original. If you want to be slower in your approach send to the Russian girls on the site postcards or ice-breaks.

In your first letters you are recommended to write when you are going to come to Russia to visit your lady. You should be definite. On this site, women are serious looking for a partner in life and many of them have faced a situation when men just wrote, wrote, wrote them for several years but the time went by and nothing happened. That's why many women reply less gladly when they do not know when a man can come.

Choose the women with whom it is easy for you to deal with, with whom you never feel at sea. Ask your lady for a telephone number and call her. That will tell you more about her than tons of letters.

When you have established good relationship with a girl, try to come to Russia or Ukraine as soon as possible. The more you delay your visit to your girl the more chance that the relationship will go down - she will marry somebody else who has come earlier.

What photos to upload to your profile to attract the majority of Russian women

Good Photo as a Way to Success

What thing first calls your attention when you look through the thousands of girls at the dating site girls' list? It is a photo, of course. If the photo fails to attract you, I guess, you will never look at the questionnaire and the girls do all the same. A Russian proverb says "a good dress is a card of invitation". Photo is a "dress" of your profile, the first thing that one pays attention to. If you work upon this question a little bit, your effort will be rewarded. A good photo essentially increases your chances to find the girl you are looking for. Here are several simple rules to achieve success.

Your photo should speak for you

Dating site photo is not the same as one in your passport. You would never use it as an evidence of your identity. The main purpose of it is to show your personality, your attitude to life and the world around you. Looking at the picture of yours women also feel your attitude to them. An emotional dynamic photo wakes curiosity in women and makes them interested in knowing more about you. Try to avoid shooting angles that lack movement and emotion. The worst thing you can do is to upload a driving license photo on your profile.

Your photo should be of high quality

Imagine a person who comes unclean and rumpled for a business appointment. I suppose, you would at least doubt that he is really interested in the issue, to say nothing of doubting his professional skills and incomes. Watching a dark or blurred photo, girls think the same of you, and all the more so since the first thing they see is only a small preview of it. They consider that such a man does not want to have serious relationships with a woman and decide it is better not to waste time on him.

There should be at least a couple of photos

Photos in your profile are meant to describe you and your life story in short. If there are several of them they will manage to do it better than a single picture. Of course, there is no use to upload a whole album of them including your photos

And - smile, please!

It is not long since Internet services became popular in Russia; therefore Russian girls are not so familiar with this way of meeting people and sometimes feel rather uneasy and anxious about it. A photo of a man with a guileless smile will encourage a girl and help her to get rid of her fears. She will feel gratitude to such a man, which can be a good start for serious relationships.

Take a look at the photos in our TOP-100 section at this site. It was not an expert opinion according to which we placed pictures there. All the photos for the TOP-100 were chosen by Russian girls. Watch the pictures thoroughly and you will understand what photos you should upload on your profile to attract Russian girls.

1. Determine your requests to your future Russian bride

Try to imagine it clearly what you want from your relations with a woman. List priorities and decide what are the principal criteria of your choice and which of them you are ready to yield accepting a compromise. Is it her social position? Mind? Energy? Sexual performance? Age and physical appearance? Maybe, there can be something else? In what measure should these qualities present in your "candidate"? Now try to consider your wishes more critically and think whether there are women like that at all. Could it happen so that the qualities you want to see in a woman are crucially incompatible?

2.Think what your ideal woman would want from you

Imagine the portrait of "your" woman. Where and how does she live; what is she occupied with; what are her interests? But the main thing is the place in her life she suggests for her partner and her demands to him. Are you ready to match these requirements? Women, just as you do, have their freedom of choice. What are you prepared to propose her in exchange for the things you want to receive? Some men assume that stability and money is enough to build stable relations. It goes without saying; there are women, who are guided by financial motives in all matters. But they sooner or later show their consumer's motives and after that are unlikely to be interesting for you. If your wishes about your partner in life proved to be unreal, you should return to the first point, reduce the requirements and imagine a woman matching to these less rigid criteria.

3. Create a virtual image of yours

At the site we associate with virtual characters created by our imagination using the photographs, questionnaires and letters. Imagine a man who will be the most attractive for the type of women selected by you. What is this image? Sensual and direct? Energetic and provocative? Serious and accurate? Intellectual and romantic? Creating your image make it one-piece. Photographs and answers should not contradict each other, but support a whole image. Huge distance between the companions more frequently disorients and alerts than attracts. It is better if the woman realises the rest of your merits during the personal encounter. But, please do not put too much efforts creating your "portrait". In spite of artistic enhancements, it must reflect the real and significant side of your "I". Otherwise, with the encounter, mutual disappointment will ensnare you both.

4. Display energy and initiative

There are thousands of forms on the site, thus it can take years waiting till you are noticed. And there is no guarantee that these will be women with whom you would desire to be introduced. Furthermore, in some countries it is not accepted for a woman to display initiative first, and she can simply decide not to give you the signals of attention. Examine the catalogues more frequently; they are constantly supplemented. If a woman seems attractive to you, wink her, send a virtual postcard or write a letter. The more women you honour with attention, the greater are the chances to find your "soul mate". Moreover, you should answer all the letters as soon as you can.

5. Do not give up because of failure

How many women have you met at work, in the street, in transport? And so far you have not met that one and only, or have you? Of course, there was much banality and rudeness in your life, but I suppose, you have not lost your hope for a happy encounter. Why then do many people consider Internet dating hopeless after the first unsuccessful attempt at virtual meeting? Search for one's "soul mate" is a serious goal-oriented work. The Internet is not a lottery and not a fantasy country where the desires are fulfilled by themselves, but it is rather a possibility to expand the circle of search to the level of World scale. And if the search is not successful? Weeks, months pass; women do not write and do not answer? Or they do write, but not those you wanted to write to you and not about the things you wanted to discuss? That means you directed your charm not to those you intended to attract or selected the wrong image. Read these recommendations from the beginning and change your profile. The main thing is not to retreat in the face of all the setbacks!

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